The logo says it all.  The image on the left is of a clay tablet, recovered from the Middle East,  depicting the celebration of the successful genetic engineering creation of our species by the alien ( the transcultural "gods"  known to all the ancient civilizations) Anunnaki  scientists, Enki and Ninhursag, 200,000 years ago. (Yes, you read it correctly: keep an open mind, you'll need it on this site.)

The image on the right is the one placed on the Pioneer 10 space craft to inform alien species among the stars of our existence. We, Sapiens,  have been rising, are rising, evolving in a unique, post Darwinian modality, rapidly, precociously, from square one
as a slave species a brief 200,000 years ago  to going to the stars, shortly, as our own "gods", our own half-alien evolutionary artists. We will talk here about  stepping out of racial adolescence,  restoring our real history and what the ramifications are for the present and the future beyond the slave-code religions, the sublimation of our ancient master-slave relationship to the Anunnaki. The totems and taboos of our racial adolescence dispelled, Prometheus can get off his rock and reach genetic satori; Job can get off his dung heap and complete his EST training; Buddha can open his eyes and reach genetic enlightenment; Jesus the man can disavow sectarian politics  and run again for  genetic office.

If I am right, if, you will find here a literal rethinking of this planet;  
a comprehensive, robust and startling new worldview of who and what we are; the ramifications of the restoration of our  true history as a genetically engineered species; a resolution of the creationist-evolutionist conflict;  a clear view of the forward trajectory of our species' real evolution. In short, the focus of this site is on a new view of planetary reality at a fundamental level far more profound than the usual political, religious, historical, intellectual concepts in which we think  ----- and conflict.

You will find here a vision of the generic human beyond religion, Darwin's quaint view of evolution,  the 
recycled explanations and  failed solutions of millennia past, and the old new age. You will find hope, positive direction, progress, talk of immortality, the new human, and  a view from 2100 A.D. of where our species' realevolution could, should, will take us within the next 100 years. You will find yourself, here, Sapiens, rising, perhaps a bit dazed, now coming out of species adolescence, eager and  ready  for alien society. The largest focus is  Universe.  The immediate focus is on the children: we must not lose one more generation of our best to our primitive follies.

The more I know, the more I know I don't know.  At any given time you access this site, it will be the best I can conceive, the best I can offer,  with respect, and for your judgment.  it is a work in progress and, intentionally, will improve continually: please visit from time to time. The information offered here is worthless unless utilized. I hope you will learn how to use this site to your maximum advantage. Welcome.  

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This is written on the first day of Spring, 2004.  The life force coming back up from its winter pause in the Earth  here in the high desert is tangible, timeless, unconcerned and amused.  The golden heat from our reliable local solar furnace  feels even better
on my shoulders than when I was a kid roaming the summer stream banks back East.  When I look around, however, from a futant perspective, the entire population of the planet looks as if it's in a mild agony, most intense in the bodies and minds of the young being sacrificed by the elders in yet another criminal war, but effecting all to some degree from pole to pole.  For we are at yet another of those crises, turning points in our short and puzzling species' history, each one more critically decisive because of the gravity of the immediate threats to our survival with which we insist on confronting ourselves.  

This site is the work of a "think tank" of one -- a generalist, futurist and futant, by genetic proclivity, in one skin.  Concomitantly, however, I acknowledge everyone, including the alien "community", witting or unwitting, as collaborators because, as a generic  human, I want to know how everything and everyone relate to every other thing and person.  In a word, the focus is Universe.  That may seem a bit grandiose but, in this age of decadent and, often, funding dependent specialization, someone had better damn well do it.  

As a generalist, currently, I am focused on the resolution of the ancient conflicts, contradictions, questions and paradoxes of our species' puzzling and clearly manipulated history ---- in the context of Universe.  The goal: to bring our knowledge to the stage of change marked by the fifth line of Hexagram 57, The Gentle, Penetration,  of the venerable I Ching:
                                            Remorse vanishes.

                                            Nothing that does not further.

                                            No beginning, but and end.
                                            Good fortune.
Which change morphs the situation into Hexagram 18, Work on what has been spoiled: the futurist, on the lookout for the "wild cards" that may ambush or afford accelerated advantage,  integrates the potential and cautionary signals of cutting edge developments in all disciplines and arenas with the retrieved past to transform what has been spoiled into an overarching, comprehensive, generically human,  forward-creative paradigm.  

What has been spoiled, wasted, all these millennia,  are generation after generation of our young, the lives of countless millions, through the Babel-factored conflicts and hideous wars, more often than not due to nothing more or less than the insane "my god is better than your god" syndrome.
True, as a genetically  engineered slave species,  we should go a little easy on ourselves due to the, perhaps, uniqueness of our "unnatural" situation, but that does not mitigate the immediacy of the danger of the mess we have gotten ourselves into planet wide.  And what is the mess all about?

 The perspective of the futant view from 2100 A.D. finds our  denial of our beginnings and history, our Babel-factored ignorance of what and who we are, our  continuance in cargo cult, godspell, slave-code "religions",  our disconnect with nature, our resignation to death, our ridiculous reaction to the obvious alien presence, our lack of comprehension of our real evolutionary trajectory, embarrassingly primitive. This syndrome is the most fundamental formative factor at base of the clash of civilizations, nations, tribes, individuals.

It's best to begin to give a futant report from an anchor point in the present, logically, in this case, from within the center of the current crisis.  It is difficult, however, because there is no encapsulating the essence of this crisis as political,  or economic, or sociological, or scientific, or military or philosophical or religious: it is inescapably about everything.  Its inexorable, ponderous churning, disturbing the bodies and minds of everyone on planet and off, is about  entire world views, solar system views and views of the cosmos, human and alien. Personal realities, the strong or tenuous views of self identity,  of individuals,  groups, of cultures, religions, nations, and what it fundamentally is to be generically human on this planet are constantly being probed  and challenged, the
constant irritation leading to profound unease, disease and overt conflict.

What is the fundamental, core problem? The entire planet, all its cultures, religions,  politics and sociology  including the definition of  "human"  requires, indeed demands, radical rethinking including the institutions and authorities to which we have always looked for truth and validation.

What has brought the planet to this point?
By 2000 we in the West had accumulated more than sufficient evidence and data to restore the true history of our amazing beginnings and precocious development to ourselves  ----- and found ourselves to have been far deeper in denial, indeed close to species amnesia, with regard to those vital facts than we in the East.  The gradually accumulated, overwhelming archaeological and historical information and data from the past, elucidated by the science of the present, gives clear, overwhelming evidence of an entirely new, comprehensive and overarching worldview that corrects, subsumes and replaces the old.  This new paradigm is attributed to the Nobel quality work of the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin.

The Key to Planetary Unity

The key fact that is the cause of the revolution in interpretation and understanding is that the transcultural gods (the Anunnaki [Sumerian: those who came down from the heavens; Hebrew: Anakeim, Nefilim; Egyptian: Neter, the "Watchers")  known to all the ancient civilizations, as Sitchin has conclusively demonstrated, were not mythological, but  real flesh and blood humanoids.  They were, most probably still are,  an alien civilization who colonized this planet 432,000 years ago coming from their home planet, the tenth, Planet X, Nibiru,  in our own solar system.  They came here for gold, eventually created us by genetically crossing their genes with those of Homo Erectus around 200,000 years ago as a slave race for their mining operations. That profound reinterpretation of our beginnings and subsequent development changes everything.  Literally.

Corroboration comes from evidence for the existence in our solar system of Planet X/Nibiru from the  Naval  Observatory, probably found by the IRAS search in '83-'94; the  mitochondrial  DNA  "search  for  Eve"; the "out of Africa"  data  placing our genesis in Central Africa 250,000 years. 

The ramifications and consequences, which I explored and laid out in 1987 in Breaking the Godspell are astounding, startling and powerful. The word from  station DNA is these "gods" wear designer genes.  

We are a genetically engineered, mutant species with bicameral genetics, bicameral  mind, moving through a rapid, non-Darwian development, now coming out of species adolescence into an independent maturity and identity.  We have progressed from being their slave animals to limited partnership and are now phasing out of a 3000 year traumatic transition to racial independence, a rapid metamorphic process, under the  imperative of our advanced Nefilim  genetic component.

Religion, as we know it world wide, is the residual sublimation and transmutation of the ancient master-slave relationship, the godspell,  expressed in the slave-code commandments still echoing down the ages in our cargo-cult rituals of subservient worship (work-ship). It is manifest that Jehovah/YHWH, Adonai, the Lord, and Allah, El, were all Anunnaki.   
The concept of "God" as a stern male disciplinarian doling out horrendous physical punishments,  as well as the cosmified metaphysical edition is no longer adequate and almost embarrassing.  Those who still swear by the Bible, in any of its myriad versions, as the revealed word of their "God" have to ignore or deny the clear fact that the Old Testament was a skewed and  forged theo-political rewrite of a far more ancient document, the Enuma Elish, dating from at least Sumeria,  which was not theological at all.  

Transcendental experience is redefined as dimensional expansion and participation at the leading edge of our species and individual metamorphic self exploration. The "occult" is time-release packages of advanced technological information entrusted to us in "crash  courses" in civilization. Ooparts, high-tech tools, toys, artifacts, “out of place” in time are remnants of lost technology and knowledge and clues to recovering our true history. The new synthesis  subsumes partial glimpses of a new politic, new world order, enlightened eco-economics, re-hashed Eastern or Western mysticism, a third culture, spiritualized psychology, or cerebral turning points.

This is the only worldview which is comprehensive and robust enough to explain and correct all our previous explanations of the basic question: Who are we and where did we really come from?  It is the only paradigm coherent and comprehensive enough to provide a planetarily consensual context by which to unify all humans and achieve world order and peace and free us, as a species, to matriculate into stellar society.   We now have the keys to integrate our past in the concept of generic humanity, the critical  factor for planetary unity. We have had at hand for an embarrassingly long time, more than enough evidence, information and capabilities to literally rethink this Planet.  We are long overdue, to the point of species endangerment, to get on with it.  

What to do after genetic enlightenment has broken the godspell, the looking-to-the-sky-for-daddy to return, master-slave  attitude  the  deepest  dye in the fabrics of all cultures? Physical immortality,  possessed  by  the Nefilim, withheld from humans, will be transformed from “religious” afterlife reward to the dominant characteristic of the dawning phase of our racial maturation. We will be our own "gods", our  own genetic credentials, play our own god-games with an unassailable racial identity enabling us to step confidently into  stellar society.  I explored these dimensions as a practicing immortal in God Games: What Do You Do Forever?

It is the children who are the prime concern here. The view from 2100 says clearly that Sapiens is indeed rising.  These futant experiential intelligence briefings, the product of best effort, are offered respectfully and cautiously to the end that Sapiens, having retrieved the common genealogy and history, caught the direction of the trajectory of freedom, will grasp a sense of species identity and planetary unity.  We work toward the time when, having  achieved  friendly separation from the ancient parents,  come out of dazed species adolescence, Sapiens will finally break into laughter at the absurdity of godspell separation and, looking around, see that the children are, for the first time, with great relief, also sharing the laughter. We all need to work on what has been spoiled for their sake and ours. I invite you to join in the process.  In order to intelligently work on what has been spoiled in the past,  it is best to understand those effects in the present.  

This crisis has been building for three thousand years.  It has peaked now, in hindsight inevitably and predictably, through the confluence of data and information in every element of human thought and experience and psychology at the deepest levels of our being, an inexorable upwelling of our realevolution. The most  psychotic and degenerate manifestation of this crisis is the primitive and recurrent "my god is better than your god" syndrome that has generated wars,  crusades,  jihads without end and is clearly operational in the current international situation. In the context of the new paradigm, this is clearly and simply the playing out of the ancient Babel-factored situation.

What is retarding the situation is the godspell mentality, the Babel-factoring of religions, the established patterns and cultures and power structures, the tendency still to be subservient to authority,  to look to the outside for answers and "help".  The situation is further complexified by the fact that the very criteria bases, religion, philosophy, science and the new age vision, that we have looked to for verification of the new are themselves up for reinterpretation and transformation. There is little doubt in my mind that the recognition and acceptance of this new world view,  as obvious and robust as it is for so many already, may take a hundred years although, for those who have broken the godspell, the crises, problems, conflicts, questions, all have had answers and been solved potentially, and some, actually, for a long time. In a word: it's already all over.

From the most personal perspective,  just about everything I've published on this site, as advanced or "far out" depending on  the reader's orientation as it may seem,  is ancient, not to make a bad pun. What we usually call "news", about wars and rumors of wars,  the fluctuations of the stock market, political elections, scientific advances, etc. is, literally and figuratively, against the backdrop of the new worldview, ancient history. Until we restore our real history as generic humans and throw off the Babel-factor influences that keep us separate and at odds, there will always be the underlying potential for yet another theo-political conflict,  war,  jihad, crusade,  ethnic cleansing,  tribal clash,  oppression of minority,  religious persecution, economic or territorial aggression, broad scale civilizational conflict. Conversely, new discoveries in ancient history, and archaeological finds are significant news because they afford us vital information to fill in the details of our restored, amazing past.  New scientific discoveries that enable us to understand the advanced science of the Anunnaki are also critical: astronomy and genetics and physics have contributed as much as archaeology.

Because of the immensity of the revolution in thought and behavior which is clearly required, literally rethinking the planet, it at first almost boggles the mind to envision in what way it can be and will be brought about.  I submit, however, that it is the gradual recognition of the alien presence ( the UFO phenomenon in popular parlance) on and around the planet which is the major factor already facilitating the implementation of the new planetary paradigm.  Just as archaeology has restored our real history,  astronomy has revealed how and from where an alien civilization could come here and initiate that history, genetics has revealed  the science by which they initiated it, anthropology has facilitated our understanding of our unique and precocious development,  the alien presence compels humankind to adjust to a stellar perspective and solar system travel becomes almost trivial, our sophisticated roller skates on Mars rather boring.  As Ronald Reagan pointed out in five major addresses, including one at the U.N., any perceived threat from the "outside" would bring all the nations of the world together and our differences would all seem petty.  As I have argued in the white paper, The Alien Question, it is significant that both the alien presence in general and our half-alien history are equally suppressed because both threaten the position and power of the political and religious elites.  The revelation and  acknowledgment of either diminishes the authority and control of both.  China, Belgium, Spain, Chile, Uruguay and and now Mexico have officially acknowledged the alien presence; the United States has not --- publicly and officially. It is paradoxical that the nation which considers itself the most "advanced", modern nation in the world seemingly has begun, after only 200 years, to lose its forward looking, pioneering vision. When Cortez arrived in Mexico they mistook him for the "god" who said he would return.  It is rather obvious that they only made a mistake. Mexico may become the teacher of the world when the Anunnaki, most likely Enki,  returns as promised and recorded in the Codexes when we are grown up enough to again make contact.