Conscious Evolution
 Designer Genes

Neil Freer

“Somehow, with all of this change, we are going to have to learn how to change our minds a little more easily.”
                             John Petersen, The Arlington  Institute

“There is a futant genetic caste wired for the role of evolutionary agent: one who foresees and helps fabricate the future.” 
                                                          Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

Are there humans who are genetically determined to be indicators of the next dimension of evolving human consciousness? Yes. We call them futants. This paper is intended to provide a name, sense of identity, concept, vocabulary, context, and suggestion of societal role-contribution.

Futant is a term coined by Timothy Leary, Ph.D., former Harvard lecturer in psychology and the engine behind the peaceful Jeffersonian revolution of the ‘60’s.  Melding future and mutant,  it defines those 1.5-2% of the population at any given time who are genetically “programmed” to be the evolutionary future scouts. (Exo-Psychology, later editions renamed Info-Psychology, 1976 )
Futants are not idiot savants nor are they usually raging rebels. To this time they have often, if not usually, been misunderstood, sometimes considered insane, persecuted, and cast out or even killed. It would be well that we finally recognize  the genetic role, proclivities and potential contribution of futants.  By recognizing their genetic role we will gain an evolutionary advantage in the form of a window into the future. This is not to say that the vision of the futant is always robust or balanced or even completely correct.  Because the futant role is hardly recognized and often denied or even rejected and persecuted the futant often does not understand Hir status and the evolutionary context into which it fits.  This, more than often, is usually a serious personal problem for the individual, from childhood interactions with parents through maturity, depending on several factors.  The religious context in which the futant child is brought up,  the political and social situations in which the individual finds HIrself,  the rejection by peers and academia as often happens, are usually all obstacles.

Different individuals of the futant type react to these negative elements with different strengths of personality, degree of intelligence and learning and sense of their role. Some break under the pressures while others persevere.  We will come to acknowledge the futant evolutionary role and give context to it and support to the futant so they may understand themselves and their potential contribution. We need to integrate the futant role and unique contribution into the common consciousness and begin to respect and take advantage of it. True futants of high caliber can be the equivalent of the Japanese “national treasure”. The problem of integration is not so much recognizing the futant role but bringing ourselves to listen to what we, sometimes for a number of somewhat less than lofty reasons, may be reluctant to hear.

They won’t always be accurate or totally correct due to the novelty of their vision, their relative personal comprehension of it, the stability of their personal psychology or biology, or the social context in which they find themselves, but things will get much better in our time as they  learn to recognize their genetic proclivities and are recognized for their worth.  We should learn to listen and carefully consider what they have to offer and evaluate and integrate the vision and  role of the futant into society as a valuable evolutionary asset.

The Futant and the Futurist

Futurists are those who study the trends emerging, the technology developing,  the thought emerging, that seem to give indication of what the future, usually fairly near term, will bring.  The best look for both emerging trends and pay particular attention to the least determinable, the “wild card” phenomenon which may give a clue to the least unexpected turn of future events.

There is a difference between futurists and futants.
Futurists tend to inhabit the distinguishable, conceptualizable, front shoulder of the statistical bell curve, working to determine with tools of analysis the quantifiable, identifiable, projectable elements and wild cards out in front of them.

Futants are the genetic wild cards of conscious evolution. Futants are not mutants in the sense that their genetic structures manifest sudden or clearly defined mutations. There is a difference between futants and mutants.  Mutants happen by “chance”.  Futants are an integral, successful and valuable evolutionary gambit for determination of and adaptation to and conscious creation of the future.  Futants are the genetically programmed evolutionary scouts, the evolutionary explorers and experimenters.   In that way they are often seen as genetic revolutionaries.

Futurists are not always futants: futants are inherently futurists.

Futurists tend to deal with the future and communicate about it in intellectual,  scientific, technological  and statistical form. Futurists tend to view the future from the present and evaluate the shorter term future in terms of present conditions and values. Futurists are counter punchers, evaluating wild cards in terms of how to counteract or neutralize or integrate them.
Futants ten to view the present from the future and evaluate the present in terms of the longer range future. Futants tend to embody, literally, and live the future and communicate and report about it from their personal experience.

The futurist sometimes has difficulty dealing with the futant, even when recognizing Hir as such, because one cannot use any assumption of philosophy, science, psychology or even logic to judge the experience and the vision of the futant:  by its very nature, the essential and most valuable contribution of the futant is generally a correction, expansion, revolution or supersession of or in any or all of these disciplines and the criteria by which they operate. Futurists and futants need each other:  the ideal relationship is one of close cooperation and contribution to the general evolution of the species.

The Futant Focus

Futants are focused, obviously, on the future, on consciousness as such, and on the generically human.  Determining what is generically, as opposed to religiously, culturally, parochially, even scientifically or philosophically defined as the essence of the human is a fundamental preoccupation. In order to recognize the futant role and its potential benefit as an evolutionary gambit, however,  we must first arrive at a correct understanding of our particular kind of evolution in general.  Neither the simple Darwinian view nor the Creationist contradiction of it are valid.  We will not understand ourselves in evolutionary terms until we recognize our genetically engineered beginnings and special case of rapid evolutionary development as a bicameral species now stepping out of racial adolescence.

Because futants, to survive, learn early to discern the obstacles that society and religion throw up against them, they have resonated with the profound restoration of our species’ true history by the thesis of the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin:  we are a genetically-engineered cross between an indigenous humanoid, Homo-Erectus,  and alien, Annunaki / Nefilim genes, a rapidly evolving bicameral species now ready to step out of racial adolescence into stellar society.  Religion is shown to be the sublimation of the ancient master-slave relationship with the alien Anunnaki and this subservient godspell is the deepest dye in the fabric of our culture.  And the godspell mentality is the greatest threat to the futant. Religion as we know it tends to codify, formalize belief systems and demand conformity and submission and generally condemns any evolution of consciousness. This Babel factoring mitigates, indeed militates, against any generic definition and understanding of what a human being is in the first place, and what the consciousness potential of the human is in the second place.  But the situation is changing rapidly.

But what of the precocious
Prematurers of inchoate vision,
Waiting all night in line
On the strength of persistent
And clandestine rumor
Of a second edition
After two millennia?
Driven by anticipatory tensions
To brave the tweed, tenured fury
Of vituperative academicians,
The steel-rimmed patronizing
Of cynically derisive scientists,
T he amoral refractivity
Of the theological police,
And the pervasive cultural deafness
That stunts the child,
Contracts the adult,
Enervates the ancients,
They have wandered, bewildered,
Futants and aliens in their time,
Furtively scouring the mindless bazaars
For hand-made parts for their vision;
Naturally noble, sensitive, precocious
Children refusing to close the doors
Of perception on parental command;
Royalty, provided only one conform.
Not nurtured, nor educated to dance
To the rhythms of our private
Genetic harmonics
No toe-hold in the dark,
No adequate maps, no context
So many lost to the mad world,
We have lost too many
In that lonely unnecessary fire.
No longer must the few survivors
Stagger from that scorching reentry
In dazed glory. We need never
Do that to ourselves again.
At the convoluted coda 
Of current consensual reality
(A brief period of static grace)
It is history or hallucination, 
Nothing less, as we awake 
from the suprafamilar,
Ultimate schizophrenia
Of history as mythology,

We need no longer live recycling
The fragmented, maudlin tales
Told by confused ancestors
Across the dying embers
Of somnambulant cultures,
Shuddering at the old words,
The antique awe, self-inditing
Metaphors imprinted in the womb.
Trembling in the fear of our fear,
Wracked and torn by weird irruptions
Of suppressed archetypes
From beneath our dignity.
In the elational daylight
Of genetic enlightenment
We shall overcome the ancient godspell
Slave blindness, god-fright,
Parent taboo, Babel-factoring
Our genetic genius into negative quotients.
Rather, in our time, we shall learn
The sound of our own freedom,
At first disconcerting in the gentleness
Of its echo off the back wall of infinity,
Learn the intricate steps of the quaint
Dance of our oscillatory and peculiar
Kind of consciousness; re-discover
The threads of our common humanity
Woven in the tapestries of our cultures,
Struggle into the lightness
Of an unaccustomed, unassailable integrity.
 In the satisfactory afternoon
 Of bicameral integration
 We become our own
 Genetic credentials,
 Mythic dimensions,
 Merging our planetary genius
 Into positive unity.
 The godspell is broken;
 Let our god games begin.

Is there a truly generically human modality of systematic evolution of consciousness? Yes. It is called conscious evolution, self-directed evolution as one’s own evolutionary artist. The principle of self-reference is the essence of the evolution of consciousness. Conscious evolution is evolution turned back on itself to afford conscious choosing of ones evolutionary trajectory.

Generic Self-Directed Conscious Evolution

The technique for generic, constant, self-directed expansion evolution of consciousness is simple: Begin with one’s consciousness as it is. Turn that consciousness back self-reflexively on itself in self examination and analysis. Determine the statements it enables which cannot be proven by it, the questions it can engender but cannot answer, thereby determining the limiting parameters of this modality. Recognize, contemplate and explore the new kind of consciousness (perception / comprehension / experience / dimensionality) suggested and required by these statements and questions. Employ whatever techniques are appropriate to afford direct experience of this new expanded consciousness. Develop a vocabulary adequate to describe and explain its nature. Formalize its structure and rules, refine and expand its potential: use it as an exploratory tool and a criterion of truth. Use it to gain information about the universe which cannot be gained by lesser types of awareness. Determine how the elements of the previous levels of consciousness are subsumed into the new consciousness. 

Repeat the cycle as above.


Again, step by step with poetry: Why poetry? Because poetry, at least in the hands of some, becomes a futant meta-language, a way to expand the current language, even inventing new words and metaphors and concepts, to give a name to and express the experience, parameters, rules and “logic” of the next new dimension of consciousness.
Begin with one’s consciousness as it is. How is ours  today.....well, generally, it seems:
In these latter days of life
In the divided middle, our thought,
Chafed by the blunted jaws of binary scholastic traps,
Bound to dreary, plodding coordinates
Orbiting an origin relative to nothing;
Finding little solace in the small transition
From ricocheting concepts of equal and opposite
Rigidities to fields over fields among fields;
Realizing only an inadequacy of metaphor
Rather than a satisfactory expansion
Into the anticipated, we have delayed leisure,
Held knowledge in abeyance, decried wealth,
If not sufficiency, fearing a premature freedom,
While craving each as an inalienable right.

Turn that consciousness back self-reflexively on itself in self examination and analysis.
The predictable is only a subset of the known;
Science, an amulet rubbed against error,
Seduces to security.
Quantity is but a reflection of being;
Mathematics, a philonumerical incantation,
Seduces to control.
Reason is but a shadow of wisdom;
Philosophy, an archaic intellectual politic,
Seduces to concordance.
Syllogisms are not the same as sanity;
Logic, a handrail to consensus,
Seduces to confidence.
All are subsets of incomplete theorems,
Larval convulsions, time-stamped to expire
Spontaneously bursting their desiccated criteria
At the edge of our genetic season.
Outmoded metaphors, regardless of venerability
Or fame of vintage, are the ultimate
Evolutionary obstruction, an embarrassment
Of traditions; psyche, intellect, mind, reason,
Intuition, imagination, will and wisdom
All antique metaphors, justifiable
Only as translational stelae, brittle labels
On dusty containers.

Determine the statements it enables which cannot be proven by it, the questions it can engender but cannot answer, thereby determining the limiting parameters of this modality.
All ideas of our time, outmoded by their very
Amenability to expression, still necessary
In the transitional phase in which awakening
To the process is the process itself,
For which we will find, cyclically,
A more suitable name than evolution.
But honest reason, reflecting, has found
Logic inadequate at the edge of awareness,
Unable to escape the elastic bonds
Of its own preemptive postulates; shaken
By the oscillations of statements
That must be written in three dimensions;
Its plea to a syllogistic court of appeals
Has betrayed it into truth: logic is a function
Of three dimensions; it is blind in its fourth eye.

Once again, now!

There can be no proof
That there can be no proof;
Certainly no certainty
That there is no certainty;
No absolute determination
One must be aware that one is aware
Before one can know that one is aware;
One defines what one wishes to define
By defining what one wishes to define;
By what criteria shall we judge the criteria
By which we judge our criteria?
How can we know the truth of what we sing
Unless we define a universe in which to sing?
Taunt polarities are a manifestation of local panic;
The continuous dissembling of forming constructs
A far more profitable itinerant pastime
Within the context of the faintly luminescent
Clock-logic, child-fears of our linear dusk.
From now forward into the subjective future,
Each conceptual cairn we posit will be understood
As only a marker on a map of a territory, lawful,
But to a law which is its own intrinsic modifier.
As we slowly approach the compressed light
At the heart of the toroidal shift
Signaling a higher integration of the familiar,
Even as the dissolving convolutions
Of our self-awareness logically smother
All possibility of continuance in thought,
That which is the inexorable continuance
 Has already uncoiled beyond the obstruction,
Transcendental dynamics driving the unfurlment
From which we are free to personally secede,
Although we cannot otherwise prevent.
Discover, recognize, contemplate, live and explore the new kind of consciousness (perception / comprehension /  experience / dimensionality) suggested and required by these statements and questions.
Our consensual communications display 
High valence for a higher science, 
Congruous with our consciousness, 
Befitting our dignity, and consonant 
With our epistemic vision.
But we shall have a metasyllogistic logic, 
Topologically adequate to the fabric of spacetime, 
Subsuming linear reason, intuition and parallel processes, 
Easily capable of tautologies of higher power, 
Oscillating statements and self-referential equations. 
Self-reference is the only common language we speak.
The consciousness of the new human,
At play in the polyvalent freedom
Of quadramatrix perception, shall be 
Dimensional in a manner of expansion;
Holistic in a manner of expression:
Metasyllogistic in a manner of logic;
Intelligent in a manner of priority;
Sequential in a manner of concordance;
Compassionate in a manner of integrity,
Composed in a manner of patience;
Complex in a manner of purpose;
Immortal in a manner of simple dignity.
Such a rhapsodic unified dynamic
Of self-referential state transition is yet
Only a dim view through a narrow slit
Of frequency, a function of our exponetiating
Awareness of our self-awareness, our current
Triumph but a first epistemic fetal movement,
Regarded as touching among our planets.
Employ whatever techniques are appropriate to afford direct experience of this new expanded consciousness
Incited by the cumulative volatility
Of latent informational clues;
Abetted by the startlingly independent agenda
Of benevolent extensions of hyperbiological
Neural field negotiations, far beyond
A simpleminded sophistication of synapses;
Compelled by an accommodative genetic imperative
Expressed in polyphonic neuroglyphs,
We shall proceed by redefining ourselves,
Eased by quantum currency, spent relativistically,
Out of the Newtonian sand traps,
Sprung, self-referentially,
Through the bars of quaint Cartesian prisons,
The way of the charmed particle
And the way of right intention oscillating
In intricate reciprocal modulations,
Develop a vocabulary, metaphors, logic adequate to describe and explain its nature
Having regained custody
Of the ancient code, analog of the sutra
Of our genetic unfurlment, we shall have
A robust and dignified language
Of aesthetic timbre and inherent consonance,
An intrinsic symphony of resonant meaning,
Amenable to ad hoc correlative expansions;
A planetary tongue of higher order
Hardly differentiable from the consciousness
Of its employ; a subtle mirror of the neural instrument
In which it plays; summer lightning across the waters
Of perception; a soft luminous spark across synapses;
A vehicle of self-generational wisdom; an unfettered
Modality of recursive progression into the future
Or the past; an effulgent speech of interlocking construct
Multi-dimensional and logically metasyllogistic,
Yielding an easy non-local tiling of exposition
Of indefinite boundaries, quick of hologrammatical humor.
Formalize its structure and rules, refine and expand its potential: use it as an exploratory tool of science and a criterion of truth. Use it to gain information about the universe which cannot be gained by lesser types of awareness. Determine how the elements of the previous levels of consciousness are subsumed into the new consciousness.

Repeat the cycle as above.

The process recognizes and employs two major principles:
The simplest, most general form of the principle which  dGödelemonstrated (in what has been said to be the most important theorem within the context of mathematics) and which applies to all formal systems: no formal system can explain itself completely.
The principle of self-reference, is the most inherent fundamental characteristic of human consciousness to this point in time. The most rapid and efficient way, therefore, to determine the limitations of a system or a form of consciousness is to turn it back on itself in self-referential analysis
A serene contemplation of fourth dimensional
Angular momentum humming in the wind harp's
Motionless strings, incessantly altering
Initiating conditions of the cricket-still air,
Tends to subdue incessant recursion but only
Until one considers whether one is considering,
Breaking into hopelessly unmanageable laughter.
Each more expanded level of consciousness builds on the previous level. The previous modality and its true rules are seen as being subsumed as sub-sets of the more expanded level of consciousness. This is analogous to the way Newtonian mechanics are correct for the dimensionality of space and time to which they apply but are subsumed as a subset by the expanded level of Einsteinian relativity.

Although it sounds like a straightforward and easy process, humans do not do this easily because herd pressure is always to maintain the security of whatever formalized system is comfortably in place at any given time, to maintain the collective consensual kind of consciousness of which the vast majority seem capable.
The local patois and dialects which confuse us
Are transient effects of the Babel factoring
The terrifying assertion of the silverback
Quivers before the mewling malfeasance of devolved elders.
We often attempt to understand and communicate a certain type of consciousness with the formalism of another kind of consciousness. This is always inadequate, particularly when we try to take the measure of a more expanded kind of consciousness by the rules and parameters and characteristics of a lesser expanded kind. It causes frustration and pain and conflict.
Reason, in a reasonable universe has always found
Intuition naive, the transcendental incomprehensible,
Imagination childlike, ecstasy suspect, if not degenerate.
Sufficient awareness of the self-reflexive feedback principle allows one to arrive at a kind of consciousness that enables one to see this fundamental mechanism of evolutionary expansion of consciousness as a sort of generalized “law” and to use it to become one’s own evolutionary artist.
There is a class of human consciousness
Which presides, rather than observes,
In a clear hegemony, exercising
A preemptive sovereignty, essentially
Unavailable to poetry's probity,
Not amenable to metaphor, an unanticipatable
Inescapability but not a prime mover,
An unquestionable primacy of awareness                  
Which alone confers a diploma on philosophy;
Assigns logic its license;
Endows wisdom with its significance;
Bestows permission on art;
Awards mathematics its prize;
Inspects the procedures of science;
Disciplines religion; defines intelligence;
Prompts intuition; teaches transcendence;
Integrates ecstasy; critiques its own
Poetic reflections on itself
As it informs the local universe
With the self-referential patterns
Of our racial dance in the continuum.
Once one comprehends this general process of dimensional consciousness expansion one can predict where consciousness will expand not only as the next level but to the furthest extent of the potential of human consciousness as it is now.  
  1.  At the heart of the toroidal shift
     Signaling a higher integration of the familiar, 
     Even as the dissolving convolutions 
     Of our self-awareness logically smother
    All possibility of continuance in thought, 
    That which is the inexorable continuance
    Has already uncoiled beyond the obstruction,
    Transcendental dynamics driving the unfurlment 
    From which we are free to personally secede,
    Although we cannot otherwise prevent.
What is the kind of consciousness experienced by the population of Earth currently? What is the next kind of consciousness to which we are evolving?
The general population possesses habitual Newtonian-Cartesian three-dimensional, linear time consciousness, with rationality, reason with its rules of logic, as the logical (pun intended)  tool of choice to discern truth. It has been in this consciousness modality long enough so that the envelope has been probed, the rules determined, the questions unanswerable with this kind of consciousness and the statements that it engenders but cannot prove, quite well determined. Its limits are well realized.

 It is important that we identify the generic nature and arrow of the trajectory of our conscious evolution. It is the opinion of this author that the best way to understand our conscious evolution in adequate scientific terms is to recognize that the universe is expanding or evolving “unevenly”. We perceive and inhabit three dimensions. Dimensions beyond those three are so tightly “furled” that we cannot perceive them.  The dimensions unfurl sooner in one location than another for any number of physical reasons. Perhaps the fourth dimension is reaching full “unfurlment” in our locale just about now --- it may be fully unfurled for some time in other locations or not at all in others ---- and what we understand as our leading edge of conscious evolution is our adaptation to the greater dimensionality. This may be taken as a definition of what our conscious evolution actually is in essence: adaptation to greater and greater unfurled dimensionality. Conversely, if the universe were contracting, our evolutionary adaptation would be going in “reverse”. The “spiritual”, in its most generic, non-religious, non-sectarian form,  may be understood as whatever  “newest” dimensionality is opening up in front of us.  Our adaptation is of both intellectual comprehension and physical, neurological, and sensory.
We are, currently, evolving toward habitual four dimensional time-space consciousness and perception of the Einsteinian kind. The early signs in the general population are interpreted as ESP phenomenon. Certain psychedelics, specifically LSD, are appropriate for exploring and experiencing this expanded relativistic consciousness. Certain yogas (and hashish used by the holy men of India ) and meditation and sensory deprivation modalities are also appropriate although they may take a great many years of practice to see results. The obstacles, in the current human situation, to easy achievement are presented by the deep neural imprints we acquire over our earlier lives which sometimes, more often than not, although a protective survival mechanism, are partially or very negative. We are too often handicapped by deep, early conditioning to now inadequate or even false, limiting philosophical, cultural contexts and religion.
We shall attain a fiercely blissful, 
Transparent intensity of awareness 
Subsuming no-mind, satori, tao, samhadi, 
Prajna, wisdom, the austere secret 
Of Tibetan jewel mind and elusive enlightenment, 
All signifying a charming and childlike beginning, 
Beautiful and awkward, a determined self-initiation 
Into an assiduous and recursively holy arrogance; 
Ancient mind transmuted into its tranquil chrysalis 
For which immortality will be its fleeting mating time

The question may be asked: what is the fullness of the potential of human consciousness? The answer is that it is capable of an open-ended adaptive, self-referential, self-directed, expansion as its intrinsic essence. Once self-awareness is reached, the process of expansion recognized self-reflexively, the limitations are only determined by the neurological potential at any given time. Even that potential, however, is capable of evolving physically. Therefore any limitations, at any given time, are foreseeably and potentially supersedable. Anything we can conceive we can achieve. Anything we can comprehend we can transcend.

The problem has always come, at least to this point in our racial development, when we have attempted to judge the advancing consciousness by the rules and criteria of our current consciousness.

How have we dealt with new levels of consciousness in the past? Perhaps not as consciously (no pun intended) as we can now but the past does allow us to see a repetitive pattern of analysis, experience, formalize, transcend,  repeat the process.

Are there techniques specific to the various levels of consciousness?
Certainly: Consider the time when we were as rational as we can be today but rationality had not been formalized, i.e., the rules of logic, of rational thinking, or reasoning, had not been thought out and codified. Then we, the Greeks traditionally being given the credit for it, did codify the rules of logic and gave names and form to the consciousness (type of awareness, perception of the universe) we call rational.

The next phase, our current transitional phase,  is for the mind to reflexively examine already contributed scientific and experiential data, to a codification, a formalization of fourth dimensional physics and consciousness. This cannot be done fully at the level of rational thought, of logic and Cartesian-Newtonian awareness because the dimensionality that we are becoming aware of, currently, calls for a logic which is fourth-dimensional. There is an expanded kind of logic (G. Spencer Brown: The Laws Of Form) appropriate to the level of fourth dimensional consciousness or relativistic space-time, as well as an appropriate aesthetics, ethics, set of meta-concepts, epistemology.

We might ask: What is the difference between fourth-dimensional physics as developed by Einstein and fourth-dimensional consciousness? The relationship is one of a reciprocating feedback loop, between the conceptual and the experiential perception and comprehension of the new dimensionality. The consideration of this type of physics through formal, mathematical, philosophical and poetic languages that describes and formalizes it, coupled to, appropriate, direct  experiential  techniques, leads,  inevitably, to  the kind of expanded, habitual  consciousness that is appropriate and adequate to the comprehension of and operation within that dimensionality of reality.
If we recognize that easy, habitual four-dimensional consciousness is the next step, is there indication of what kind of consciousness comes after that? Obviously quantum consciousness comes after that. Concomitantly, we will approach and attain physical immortality through genetic and nanotechnology. Immortality will bring, is bringing, a radical change in human consciousness. After that? Law of Everything consciousness: life and consciousness in a known universe. After that? Perhaps time-independent consciousness .... it becomes difficult to say because of the exponential freedom to choose which increases as we evolve.  We may not even be able to recognize ourselves physiologically by the time (pun also intended) we get to experimenting with that.

 Aren’t there many techniques for evolutionary consciousness expansion? Yes. It is well to recognize that each is  more appropriate and specific to a certain type of consciousness.

There are meditation techniques, there are the Zen masters’ techniques, there are bio-physiological techniques like fasting, sensory deprivation, Sufi dancing, yogas, Chi Kung, Transcendental Meditation, chanting, the use of mandalas, mantras, psychedelic chemicals, and any number of methods and modalities. But a few important distinctions should be made.

In the perspective of our past evolution of consciousness it becomes clear that there are techniques that are specifically appropriate to take one from a certain type of consciousness to the next and which most likely will not be appropriate to another type of consciousness. Let us call them type-specific techniques. The intent of this paper is to identify and describe the most fundamental generic form of consciousness evolving modality rather than specific techniques.  It is also well to note that there are two kinds of consciousness changing techniques: static and dynamic.

Static techniques are those that are meant to reinforce a particular consciousness, neither expand it nor facilitate transcendence of it. The meditations of a St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Roman Catholic Jesuit are a series of readings and examinations and resolutions and affirmations that were designed to reinforce a particular set of theological principles of morality and obedience to one’s superior and to the God of the Church. The dogma of the Roman Church says that you can morally decay but you are a static creature who cannot evolve. Even the “highest” meditations of the Catholic mystics was to bring them into union with the Divine but as unchanging subservient beings. In other contexts this could be called brainwashing: it is meditation of sorts, but reinforces a static kind of consciousness rather than facilitates transcendence. Ignatius promoted a military style religious order and, in effect, it was like a top sergeant drilling the troops in military discipline.  The tree is known by its fruit.

By contrast, as example: the method used by Zen masters, called a koan, is a dynamic technique. The novice comes to the Zen master seeking enlightenment. The Zen master often uses questions that have no rational answer, called koans which he poses to the novice to answer. A classic and well known koan is “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Because they have no rational answer the novice, intent on getting the answer, puts Hirself through stress and trial to find the answer. But the Zen master is not really looking for an answer, he is trying to create an event in the novice. He intends that the novice, because of the intellectual gymnastics and stress of trying to find an answer to a question that has no rational answer, will trip  neurological  relays and  open circuits that will allow him to experience the expanded consciousness of the next level that subsumes the rational. By analogy, as Einsteinian physics subsumes Newtonian physics, not as wrong but as a special case subset.

During any phase of the general, racial evolution of consciousness there will always be a smaller number of humans who have already attained that consciousness and are moving toward the next stage,  some who are at least aware of stages after that.  We have identified them as futants. If you resonate and recognize yourself as generically one,   your own evolutionary artist of futique orientation, greetings. Welcome to your native gene pool. You have three days to splash around, laugh and relax.  There is much to be done.

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This paper is copyrighted by Neil Freer, but it may be freely downloaded, by the author’s permission granted here, translated, printed, copied, quoted, distributed in any appropriate media providing only that it not be altered in any way in text or intent and the author is properly credited.