Part 3

The New Human

We need to think about what it is like to be a member of a synthesized species which is going through a special case of evolution, a rapid metamorphosis, where we can actually determine our own evolutionary direction, when the ramifications of that unthinkable thought are now about to bring about a turning point in our history. It is about the new civilization we are about to create out of the new planetary vision.

Let us postulate that we have broken the godspell, we have arrived at a consensual, planetary, understanding and definition of the generic human as a genetically engineered species now coming out of racial adolescence into species first maturity, the individual cognizant of the ability to control and direct the nature and trajectory of his and her own personal evolution and able and expected to contribute to the collective consciousness and determination of the racial evolutionary trajectory.

The awareness and comprehension of this fundamental, generic, racial  self knowledgeI have called genetic enlightenment. By "genetic enlightenment" I mean what it is like once you have broken the godspell, the deepest dye in the fabrics of both Eastern and Western culture. Many seemingly enigmatic items are resolved and there is a great deal to be done. It becomes immediately clear that we can move beyond both eastern and western metaphor;  beyond religion, atheism, the old new age; beyond Jungian archetypal and mythological interpretation, beyond our strange, dangerous and contradictory mix of mammalian, turfish, violent theo-political politics and compassionate ideals. We will finally be ready for alien contact and interaction and matriculation into stellar society. We can reach a planetary unity we have never known before and a peace so profound it will be almost humorous.  How long will it take?  Probably as long as we have lived under our Constitution.
The Trajectory of Realevolution

A cardinal result of our confusion about who and what we are causes us to be at a loss as to what the thrust and direction, the trajectory of that evolutionary dynamic might be. When we, collectively, recognize the validity of the new paradigm and restore our true history to ourselves we will gain a critical major advantage in that we will be positioned to understand not only our unique synthetic nature but our unique evolutionary trajectory. This will mark a cardinal turning point in our history.
Once the locked-in, slave-code legacies and the conflicts they engender, both species wise and in the individual, are seen for what they really are, it becomes clear that the thrust, the direction, of our Realevolution is toward greater and greater expansion of freedom, compassion, understanding, cooperation, intelligence, consciousness, dimensional perception, conscious personal and species orchestration and control. It raises and enhances the individual’s level of importance, the scope of the individual’s choices and enlarges the arena of exploration. It points towards immortality and beyond, to transforms of our nature hardly imaginable now. The message is that liberated human nature and existence is open ended, forward creative, poetic, rhapsodic, expanding, exciting and enticing.
The Demographics of Our Realevolution

The evolutionary demographic profile of the species, at any given time, tends to be that of a bell curve. The segments of the bell curve are composed of gene pools with different focuses and different functions.  Perhaps two percent of the population, at any given time, will be located at the very leading edge of the curve. These are the futants, those who are genetically programmed to be the evolutionary scouts of future dimensions, scenarios, and potentials. Rather than kill them, jail them, shun them, we had better learn to recognize their function, sort out the valuable parts of their reports of the future, and honor their contribution to the evolutionary progress of our species.

IQ Meets CQ....and EQ?

Genetic enlightenment will afford derivative major advantages in psychology, sociology, and education.

Once recognizing the nature and direction of our realevolution we will be positioned to understand the details of its mechanism.  The current agenda of the DNA intelligence is to produce neurological systems that can use themselves as an instrument and bodies sophisticated enough to house them. There are a number of survival functions necessary to protect, preserve, and further that goal and the species. These functions are accomplished by specific gene pools of individuals.  Individual, personal realevolution recapitulates the realevolution of our species and this involves the individual moving through different gene pools at different ages and stages. Education is most effectively accomplished in gene pool contexts at the time the child, adolescent or adult is evolving through or specializing in a particular gene pool.
IQ, intelligent quotient is defined in realevolutionary terms as an estimate of the degree of proficiency of an entity to receive, process, transmit information from external and internal sources, testable and measurable against a relative peer scale.

Just as one can test to determine if an entity possesses some degree of intelligence so one can test to determine if an entity has some degree of consciousness. Just as with intelligence, once determined in an entity, one can devise relative criteria and scales to measure the extent of the spectrum of awarenesses and the degree and focus of each kind of awareness, its integration and the degree of conscious use by the entity of its input and data. Let us call this the consciousness quotient: CQ.

How primitive are we still? Tests for a consciousness quotient, CQ, do not seem to be a concept with which our collective consciousness is comfortable just yet. Not just a test to determine a verifiable state of awareness. Not just a test to see if we can be Turinged by some program or entity. A test of consciousness quotient would determine the entire range of awarenesses of the entity, human or otherwise, and the degree of development and intensity, quality and focus of each part of that spectrum.

The democratic ideal is twisted with regard to consciousness as it is with IQ. Yes, all humans are created equal as far as their human rights are concerned but we all don’t have the same abilities or degrees of capabilities or intelligence or consciousness. Somehow, such a recognition is seen by some to be less than politically correct, or a denigration of some individuals.

How primitive are we? If the notion of a CQ is touchy, try EQ, an individual’s evolutionary quotient, and a relative scale measure of an individual’s evolutionary development and potential. We continually make ad hoc judgments, many times for the sake of our own security and safety, about the relatively evolved or devolved physical, mental and consciousness characteristics and signals of others just as we are doing continually about their manifest IQ. A parent or teacher or psychologist expects a statement like “This person has a higher IQ than that person” to be sophisticated and socially acceptable. If, however, one dares broach the notion of a consciousness quotient, CQ, communicatory flags go up; there is disconcertion, confusion, and even conflict.  Advance the concept of an EQ, an evolutionary developmental quotient, and things get really squirrelly. Once we are adjusted to the concept of the individual, from conception on, recapitulating the stages of species evolution, we will begin to take the notions of CQ and EQ as given.  We will need them to recognize the developmental stage of a child or adult in order to determine in which gene pool context he or she should be educated in or contribute to at that point, thereby most effectively promoting and accelerating her or his personal realevolution.
The recognition that the stages of realevolution are stages of conscious evolution will facilitate the resolution of the perennial academic problem involving other than “normal” states of consciousness. At this primitive stage, we cannot even agree on what constitutes the real or “legitimate” elements of the spectrum of human consciousness. If an investigator’s paradigm --- or consciousness --- does not happen to have the capacity for some perception, sensitivity or ability, its reality is often denied, a priori, in other humans. It may not even be admitted for testing or the investigation turned into an inquisition using magicians as the inquisitors instead of Dominican monks in the public square of some “learning” channel. We argue about the reality of various kinds of extrasensory perception, non-local communication, transcendental states, and perceivable dimensionalities and never seem to be able to come to definitive conclusions --- unless, of course, the Pentagon needs remote viewers. Consciousness in, consciousness out.  Once we have understood realevolution as essentially a process of consciousness development, the paranormal modalities will be recognized as advanced, evolved functions along the realevolutionary trajectory.

Timothy Leary, Ph.D., the Tesla of psychology, developed an elegant schema to identify the types of consciousness at each stage of realevolution, past, present and coming. I have included a summary of it as Appendix B. It is a road and flight map of realevolution.  Note well the simple but profound advice: “The answer to all human problems is to recognize your genetic stage, go to the place where your genetic peers hang out, and in that secure place prepare yourself for the future stages inevitably awaiting you.”

We need institutions and governments that are built intrinsically on and for those characteristics, to support and further the evolution of the species and the individual as a primary function.  The structure of constitutions and laws should promote the greatest degree of freedom of expansion and exploration by the individual and the species.

Well, you say, here in the U. S., the Constitution is an advanced and enlightened document, which has solved many of those problems, at least in this country. I submit that the Constitution, certainly advanced and relatively enlightened when it was conceived and put in place, was an ingenious solution, created by deists, for maintaining some semblance of peace between the Colonial religious factions, restraining the religious mayhem always under the surface. However, there is no indication of any anticipation that there would ever be a resolution of those differences, no anticipation of a common definition and understanding of human nature. The Constitution, as unique and effective as it is as a set of rules of order in a primitive situation, has become a locked-in legacy. It barely continues to balance the powers, long term, and prevent the takeover of the government and imposition of theocracy or fascism.
The extraordinary element remaining is the seed of evolutionary suggestion clearly intended by its authors as expressed by Jefferson when he said:
 “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change. With the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”

A planetarily consensual conception of the generically human will enable us to derive improved forms of constitutions and develop systems of representation of individual input and voting far more adequate and accurate than our current systems of representation by strangers. That would be a first step. They will render outmoded our current systems that are modeled, to one degree or another on the residue of slave-code religious rules. They will be determined democratically by direct input from the entire population and constructed to further and abet the realevolution of the individual and the species. We, in the U.S., are in need of a second Constitution. To that purpose I have included a proposal in Appendix C. The essence of the proposal is that we now have a tool, through the relatively awesome power of the electronic medium, in the “open source” approach to programming and system development that will afford us a means to moving beyond outmoded representative government by the mediocracy to far more intelligent forms by direct input by each citizen.
It is evident that the current serious crisis of world peace is largely due to the “my god is better than your god” conflicts, the sad playing out of the same kind of wars in which we were used as pawns by the Anunnaki.  The second major factor is economic: competition for limited resources  which is further exacerbated by the corruption of the powerful oppressing the weak. How primitive are we? We need only examine every economic system attempted or implemented through history to comprehend that all forms, to this point, have been successful only to a point in limited circumstances. Every serious economic and political structuring has proven to have benefits but equally serious limitations and drawbacks due to conflicts over what and who a human individual is and, therefore,  what the rights of the individual are relative to other humans and the state; what is considered moral,  just;  whether there should be winners and losers; who should be taken care of and why;  and, to put it in modern academic jargon, who is the “other”. Certainly, the potential for human degeneracy is always extant and partly at cause, but the more fundamental Babel-factoring of our species still hinders us from taking conscious part in our realevolution which is on schedule regardless. The new paradigm will, eventually, see our political and economic systems as mirroring our rapid though confused realevolutionary stages and consciously and intelligently and compassionately developing evolving, dynamic systems commensurate with our now and future trajectory.  Artificial intelligence, ironically,  will probably have to  be used to determine rapidly adjusting  economic systems for the benefit of all.

It's All Over For The Current Consensual Worldview

Actually, it has been "all over" for some time now.  Several works by various authors may be noted as turning point markers just previous to the introduction of Sitchin's thesis.

Joseph Campbell's master work, The Masks of God,  surveyed and elucidated the entire field of mythology.  He accepted the basic premise that the "gods" were mythological. However, he was compelled to question the basic working premise of mythology that mythology had arisen through the naive proto-"science" of early human minds attributing human characteristics on the sun, moon, stars, and the phenomena of nature: storms,  lightning,  winds, etc.  He found very signicant the fact that the genealogies of the "gods" were the same in India as they were in the Norse countries ---- the names were different because of the difference in languages but the genealogical relationships were identical ----  and had to conclude that something had begun in the "little Sumerian mud garden"  and spread to the rest of the world.  This was totally contradictory of the working premise of then and current mythology but he let it go at noting its significance.  This was a demarcation for the introduction of Sitchin's radical paradigm.

 In 1976 Julian Jaynes of Princeton published his The Origin of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind,  examining the evolution of human consciousness  in an erudite study that covered the classics,  mythology,  archaeology, religion and  history.  He accepted the unquestioned premise that the "gods" were mythological as did Campbell.  He concludes that, because previous to 1250 B.C. humans claimed to talk to the gods,  get instructions from them,  hear them speak,  worked for them,  all men previous to that turning point in time, must have been hallucinating schizophrenes because, the gods being unreal, mythic, they must have been hearing them in their heads (!!). In retrospect ,  Jaynes' work can be seen as the last extreme effort to make professional, academic sense out of the puzzling history where the only two choices were the gods were imaginary, mythic or they were real.  it took Sitchin to provide the definitive validity of the "real" choice.

Sitchin first published also in 1976 and has produced some nine volumes since.  

In 1996 Samuel P. Huntington published The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking Of World Order.  Mr. Huntington presents a paradigm of global politics in terms of the interactions between civilizations, a "civilizational" approach,  with the intention or providing insight into how to avoid the clashes between civilizations which he sees as the greatest threat to world peace and, conversely,  how "an international order based on civilizations is the surest safeguard against world war".  

The concept of a new world order, in itself, can be an idealistic and benevolent goal although the perverted notion of such put forth by some devolved politicians has set back an constructive progress in that direction considerably. The League of Nations and, currently,  the United Nations are certainly steps in the right direction. The imposition of world domination by economic, political, military, or theocratic coercion are retrograde and primitive attempts doomed to well deserved failure. The conflicts and wars covering the planet are, in their transparently theo-political base,  robot--like attempts to run the Realevolutionary videotape in reverse and mark the beginning of a final,  very slow  denouement of that godspell phenomenon.

To bring it down to the here and now: if America, or any country or culture is going to be an example for the rest of the world, there is no other choice but for it to set a Realevolutionary example and style. It will require thinkers and scholars and innovators and futants from every discipline in every culture and country and religion to assimilate the vast amount of history, information, ooparts, traditions and technology which have been rediscovered and recovered over the last one hundred and fifty years from all parts of the world and to transform their religions and cultures accordingly. How long will it take? The view from 2100 (A.D.) sees it only begun in the 21st century and not totally completed by 2200.  
Consciousness In, Consciousness Out

The new paradigm, elucidating our unique genesis and subsequent unique evolution (at least on this planet: it may happen similarly with synthesized species elsewhere) as, in a very real sense, an artificial intelligence, frees us to conceive the real questions we need to ask ourselves and the answers not only our science but the entire racial pool of experience and knowledge needs to provide with regard to AI. One of the most important contributions our restored history provides relates directly to the novel wild card concept of self-aware artificial consciousness in that it furnishes a wealth of information on the sociobiology of the creation of a synthetic species and the resulting, evolving social relationship between the creators and the created, between the Anunnaki and us.

Specifically, concerning the question as to whether Artificial Intelligence  can actually be achieved and how we should go about it, our history is a strong source of a positive answer. The Anunnaki, even while here, according to the recovered records of their deeds and interactions, besides genetically inventing humans, quite clearly had developed robots and androids, some of the latter being so sophisticated that, it is written, it was difficult to tell one from a human or an Anunnaki. We can profit from the Anunnaki’s experience in both creating a new species and in their development and use of robots and sophisticated androids  as well as the awesome invention of a species such as we.

The realization of our half-alien genetic makeup and our relationship to the Anunnaki stretches our perspective to afford an effective way for us to begin to grasp the topic of alien presence on this planet. It also enables a, previously unattainable, unassailable integrity individually and as a race which will be essential to entering into direct contact with alien species, either in the future or with ones that are already here on the planet. We shall finally enter stellar society as a mature race which knows who and what it is, what is good for it and what is not; with whom or what it could interact, with whom and what it would be dangerous to make contact; with the minimum of preconceptions as to how things should be. Until we know who and what we are we will probably not be allowed into stellar society. Until we break the godspell and stop looking up for Daddy to come back, looking for some solution or salvation from outside, we will be in danger of getting Borged by whomever shows up here. The topic of alien contact is probably the most dramatic of examples of how narrow and primitive our focus is. It is a fact and the gradual insinuation of it into our collective consciousness has progressed in the last fifty years.

A Retrospective View From 2100

The elements that characterize the new civilization are a collective, consensual awareness of our generic humanity as a planetary unity, a recognition of a common, known history from the beginning of the race as a genetically engineered species, a globally common conception of human nature and its evolutionary direction, a multi--dimensional sociobiology capable of reflexive self-analysis, a psychology devoted to fostering the positive evolutionary development of the individual over the entire spectrum of consciousness, a unified scientific field expressed through a profound natural language based on self-referential consciousness, an ecological, non-competitive, ubiquitously helpful economics, an integral systems approach to the management of the material realm, with the primary focus on the transcendental as the essential human process.
With the demise of godspell religions and the dawning of a generic, planetary, definition of human nature the social context and educational process will undergo a profound revolution. The orientation will not be  to a creationist or a Darwinian evolutionary context but to a generic, planetarily common realevolutionary context. We will be finally free to understand our common species predecessors and our bicameral species heritage in perspective.  That perspective will afford us the detailed information concerning the stages of developmental realevolution we have passed through to this point.  We will be able to understand and utilize the realevolutionary map of those stages as laid out by Leary in the first-of-its-kind schema in Appendix B  and even better ones to follow.
The awareness of the historical stages and trajectory of  realevolution will make us conscious of the agenda of DNA, of our genetic coding:  survival and ever increasing conscious control over our own existence. We might say that we are totally determined to determine our own determination. Gene pools (groups throughout the population that are predominantly programmed for certain functions for survival of the species) will be recognized for what they are and valued.  Once conscious of the nature and purpose of  these specialized populations and how they map on to the stages of realevolution we will see that we may move from gene pool to gene pool, adsorbing the ancient wisdom of each for survival and personal learning and expansion. Moving from gene pool to gene pool will be a natural process of an individual’s unique personal realevolutionary process. There will be a mutual respect and positive recognition between gene pools beyond just tolerance, and the only rule necessary will be a consensually agreed prohibition of any gene pool doing anything that will harm or obstruct the function of another gene pool. The gene pool golden rule. It also brings us full circle around to the children, us in the future. I project a realevolutionary scenario for the treatment and education of the children of the 21st century to develop as follows.

A further refinement of the gene pool concept will be its incorporation into the educational process: the stages of the recapitulatory developmental process of the human child will be mapped onto the various gene pools but without assigning hierarchical ranking to them. A child will have the opportunity to experience the best features of the various phases of human evolutionary experimentation. The quintessence of the hunter, the gatherer, the agriculturist cultures presented by those steeped and expert in the context will put the student in tune with deep genetic roots, survival methods, cooperation and creativity. The crafts, industrial, mechanical, engineering, construction, building gene pools; the arts, literary, musical pools; the military, police, and civil servant gene pools all have some essence of their orientation to reality to offer as insight into a facet of human nature and ingenuity. The domestic, child-bearing and rearing, cooperative, social, political, educational, pools will certainly all contribute to the recapitulatory phases of a child’s development, each at its proper time.

The children will be encouraged to be their own philosophers from the earliest age according to their capacity at any age and stage. They will be encouraged to make their own decisions about reality and to explore and follow their own unique evolutionary development and to respectfully make their unique contribution to the ongoing conversation about the ideal trajectory of our collective species’ evolution. Language, reason, logic will be understood to be a product of certain stages of our realevolutionary perception of three dimensional reality. They will be taught the nature of reality in the most expanded scientific and philosophical context we know, and introduced to the concept of action which enhances others while it enhances us. They will be enabled to continue the process of personal realevolution on their own.  In peace.

What to do after genetic enlightenment has broken the godspell, the looking-to-the-sky-for-daddy-to-return, master-slave attitude, the, deepest dye in the fabrics of all cultures? In the immediate future, the god games we shall play as our own evolutionary artists are immortality ; self directed, conscious evolution; four-dimensional consciousness; life under a law of everything; practical transcendence; the development of AI as a subordinate species and for use in surrogate operations. For starters. Physical immortality, possessed by the Nefilim, withheld from humans, will be transformed, from “religious” afterlife reward to the dominant characteristic of the dawning phase of our racial maturation. We will be our own "gods", our own genetic credentials, play our own god games with an unassailable species identity enabling us to step confidently into stellar society.

But what of us individually? Once the ancient, subservient godspell is dispelled we are freed, individually, to go one on one with the universe. We will operate as our own "gods", according to our own genetic credentials, play our own  god games according to our own transcendental choices, creating our own confident realities. We will perfect systematic self-supersedure as a means of conscious evolution to an art form.
The characteristics that mark the new human are an unassailable personal integrity, relativistic epistemology, profound compassion, robust depth of informational data, understanding of the universe in terms of a full unified field, broad-spectrum competence, transcendental competition, facility in dimensional shifting, preference for dyadic operation, a profound ability to enjoy, to play the games most enjoyable and satisfying to generic "gods", an expanded capacity to literally have great fun creating new realities, with the primary focus on the multi-dimensional. And to play those “god” games in the context of relative immortality and, eventually, habitual four-dimensional consciousness.

We have at hand the cumulative data and information to initiate the planetary unification process. Let us make it so for the children.

This paper is copyrighted by Neil Freer, but it may be freely downloaded, by the author’s permission granted here, translated, printed, copied, quoted, distributed in any appropriate media providing only that it not be altered in any way in text or intent and the author is properly credited.