Part 2

The Primary Key to Unlocking the Locked-in Legacies

While the evolutionists and the creationists have been battling it out through dramatic episodes of the Scopes soaps, another explanatory paradigm has been developing exponentially which subsumes, corrects, and makes obsolete, specifically relative to the human species, both of those rather primitive paradigms. While the scientific imperialists and the religious dogmatists have thought that they owned the discussion by proprietarily boxing the argument and defining the binary options, the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, has advanced a robust and coherent, alternative paradigm of our genesis and unique history that, if true, ----- and I am convinced that it is after working critically with it for 25 years ----- is profound, comprehensive, and robust enough to enable us to rewrite the entire history of our beginnings and the planet astronomically, evolutionarily, paleontologically, archaeologically and, literally, redefine ourselves as humans. Sitchin’s thesis illuminates that antique conflict with Nobel prize quality research, renders the, by now, Monty Pythonesque arguments outmoded, subsumes and corrects creationism, redefines Darwinism as well as its latter day detractions. He has been able to do this because he reads Sumerian as well as the Semitic languages including ancient and modern Hebrew, and is steeped in the history. He has had the advantage of access to the accumulated scholarship and archaeological material from the middle east rediscovered only in the last one hundred and fifty years. Our modern science has provided a means of identifying advanced science in the ancient past previously thought of as fantastic even for ourselves. In short: the entire set of world views, theistic, theo-political, cultural, and scientific that purport to explain our genesis, history, and development as a species are about to be replaced as we recover finally from racial amnesia. The revolution is inevitable. It will take probably a century to fully accomplish socially because of the sweepingly profound nature of the resulting change, the natural resistance of the established institutions, and the need to reeducate and transition without disorientation. The new world view is gradually taking hold, cannot be ignored, and is waiting in the wings. It is only a matter of time.

“A people without  history is not  redeemed from time”
                                                            T.S. Eliot
Our Genesis Revisited: The Sitchin Paradigm
(For a more complete synopsis of the Sitchin thesis, the context and historical background needed to understand it, the proofs of its validity and scientific objections regarding it answered, see Appendix A)

Zecharia Sitchin, one of two hundred Sumerian scholars on the planet who can read a clay tablet like you and I can read a newspaper, has demonstrated  that the Annunaki/Nefilim, the transcultural “gods” of the ancient civilizations from the tenth planet in our solar system, Nibiru, colonized Earth 432,000 years ago and created the human species 200,000 years ago, by genetically crossing their genes with Homo Erectus. Corroboration comes from evidence for Planet X/Nibiru from the Naval Observatory , the Infrared search by the IRAS satellite in ‘83-’84,  genetically from the mitochondrial DNA "search for Eve", anthropologically from the "out of Africa" data placing our genesis in Central Africa 200,000 years, enigmatic ooparts and close to two million pieces of artifact and documentation recovered directly from the ancient civilizations. The advances in our scientific discoveries in genetics, mitochondrial DNA research, space and planetary science, archaeology, paleontology, anthropology, and linguistics as well as the physics of metallurgy have enabled Sitchin to demystify the advanced technologies of the Anunnaki and identify and explain ooparts . We have progressed from being their slave animals to limited partnership and are now phasing out of a 3000 year traumatic transition to racial independence, a rapid metamorphic process, under the imperative of our advanced Nefilim genetic component. We now have the keys to integrate our past with our present and future in the concept of generic humanity, the critical factor for achieving planetary unity. Mythology is our greatest myth. We can move beyond the interpretation of the gods as myth, Jungian archetypes,  and schizophrenic hallucinations. History as hallucination and “mythinformation”, after two hundred years of explanatory failure, although still hiding behind tenure in the university and between the glossy pages of new age magazines, is a dead issue.

Why is the Sitchin paradigm so pivotal? It is the meta-paradigm that affords the potential to remove the resultant, stultifying, locked-in legacies that have kept up separate and enervated for millennia and, thereby,  the context into which the awesome novelty of AI and AC can be integrated and subordinated gracefully and with maximum benefit to us and it. The new paradigm is so encompassing and penetrating that it is a unique meta-wild card: it redefines every cardinal element of human existence that we think we have understood including a redefinition of our evolution, all our cultures and of our very selves.

Charles Darwin published his arguments for evolution in 1859, one hundred and forty three years ago. Schliemann opened the buried Pandora’s box of our real archaeological history in 1873, one hundred and twenty four years ago. Sitchin, having gained the advantage of discoveries in archaeology, astronomy, space travel, genetics and linguistics as elucidating and explanatory tools, published first only in 1976, already over a quarter century ago. Using this rough chronology as a guide, we might anticipate, even with some exponential bit of acceleration, that the initial general recognition and acceptance of the Sitchin paradigm will not happen for, perhaps, some fifty years. But that will be two decades after AI claims to be conscious according to  Kurzweil’s projected time line. We really can’t afford to see Kuhn’s thesis  that scientific revolutions take place only by the old guard dying off rather than by an acceptance through careful study, critique and proving out especially since Sitchin’s thesis provides not only the essential information and context for getting us off the evolutionary dime but a wealth of information concerning the creation of a new species. If we assimilate it soon enough it will be an even more profound wild card “singularity”, although integratable, than the advent of AI-AC which it will preempt and render manageable.

Over the last 2000 years we have seen scientific or pseudoscientific doctrines espoused by the various religions being contradicted or demolished and the religions repeatedly, although with great delay, change their positions with regard to our genesis, history, evolution and science, and modify their doctrine. But the new paradigm addresses the very root doctrines, positions, claimed divine franchise and authority of all the religions of the world and will eventually cause the disappearance of all institutionalized religions springing from our ancient relationship of subservience to the Anunnaki.

The idea of a cosmic, infinite principle “God”, as many of us still take it for granted, is a thoroughly mixed composite concept of the sublimation of the anthropomorphic and imperfect deities of slave code religions, metaphysical abstractions accumulated over time through the speculations of the revered philosophers from the Greeks onward, the Hellenic influenced, theo-philosophical teachings of the Roman Church scholastic tradition and mystics, flavored with the concepts of theists, deists, agnostics, theosophists and mystics of any number of sects,  and thoroughly leavened by the concepts of the consciousness expanding disciplines and metaphysical doctrines of the East, sprinkled with our own individual intellectual and emotional subjective variations and usually still conditioned by the godspell element of subservience. But that cosmified composite intellectual abstraction is not the Jehovah/YHWH or Jesus of the Judeo-Christian religions, the Prime Mover of Thomas Aquinas or the Omega point of De Chardin, the Allah of the Muslim faith, the Brahma of Hinduism, the Buddha, or the Tao or deity of the religion of your choice.

 Many who don’t realize this crucial distinction, don’t want to, or are not ready to,  take refuge in the Big-G, little-g syndrome, a sort of half-way shelter  on the way to genetic enlightenment.  That position is articulated as, “I see the real historical nature of the “gods”, the little “g’s”, but that does not shake my belief in a Big G”.  That way they can still subscribe to the platitudes that the “God of all religions” is beyond individual doctrinal differences and contradictory theologies,  “all paths lead to the same God” and similar notions. The new paradigm affords us the opportunity to sort all these elements out, identify the different individual real gods of the various religions, place them and ourselves in historical perspective and recognize the metaphysical conceptualizations, East and West,  as a product of our own evolving racial psychology.
Is this atheism? No, paradoxically, not as such. Not as we have defined atheism previously as the denial of the existence of any kind of god, cosmic or otherwise. It simply is a long overdue correction of some local, intra-solar system politics, relatively rather pedestrian in cosmic perspective. Garden variety atheism can now be understood as an early sign of precocious species adolescent rebellion and questioning of the authority of the obviously all too humanoid characteristics of whatever sublimated local Anunnaki "god" is still the object of worship (the original meaning of worship was “work for” : AVOD = work).

There is no better example of the Galileo effect (we won’t look through your telescope because we know what you say you see can’t be so) in the academic and scientific arenas than the reaction to the Sitchin paradigm. Campus, scientific, and theological imperialism and the fields of anthropology, archaeology, and astronomy, particularly, have tried all the usual unprofessional, unscholarly, shunning, chest thumping, fang baring, proprietary turf posturing and ad hominem attacks through teeth clenched in tenure tetanus, but the thesis becomes more and more robust as new evidence comes in continually from archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, genetics and other disciplines. If Darwin’s thesis was a blockbuster, Sitchin’s thesis is a hydrogen bomb. We may have been able to afford to dally with Darwin and defer to religion for as long as we have but the advent of just the possibility of AI-AC in the world according to Moore should prompt us to consider Sitchin’s thesis seriously and intensely on a much shorter basis.

The restoration and explication of our real history has progressed almost exponentially due to Sitchin’s initiating revelations. The significance and ramifications of this tremendous body of work, correlated with findings from all other disciplines, as they bear on our present and future, has been my primary focus since 1976 when I began work on Breaking the Godspell the reaction to which has been predictable and certainly not boring.

The Current Grand Moment
This is the end-game of an age, be certain. A new human and a new civilization beyond religion and the old new age are on the horizon. I submit that the most fundamental, profound, overarching, sociological transformation we are going through at this point in our history is the change from the theo-politically controlled and manipulated explanations of our beginnings and history to species independence. We are witnessing the last gasp of religious fundamentalism worldwide. Whether we chose to acknowledge it or not, we are already well into one “….of those Grand Moments when the whole scale of being is reevaluated” as John Petersen has characterized it. It is within these redefinitions that the resolutions to the problems and obstacles deeply embedded in our species’ and individual psyches’ are to be found. To paraphrase Dylan Thomas rather crudely, let us not go blind into that daylight. Those who talk of a singularity, a shearing drop to extreme novelty and fundamental revolutionary change at some near point in our future that is so profound that it will change human nature do not have to look any further than the Sitchin paradigm. It is there for the acceptance and it will rewrite the entirety of our history and redefine human nature.  Once integrated, we will find even the arrival of conscious AI an item that we can deal with comfortably and gracefully.
Gardner's Contribution
Sitchin’s work and the major discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, has enabled Sir Laurence Gardner, an English genealogist—historian to make a recent major contribution . Gardner has the advantage of one hundred and fifty years of discovery and translation of the Sumerian source material, knowledge of Anunnaki politics and the interaction of Enki and Enlil implemented by the latest scholarship on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hamadi documents through the brilliant work of the Australian theologian, Barbara Thiering . Working as a genealogist with data available through privileged access to the private archives of thirty European royal family clients, Gardner has brought to light the fact that there exists a robust, highly documented, genealogical, genetic history of a special bloodline carrying all the way back to the Anunnaki and Sumeria. This information, possessed by the heterodox tradition of Christianity, which is only now coming forward, no longer fearful of the boiling oil of the Inquisition, has always been available. He has identified the Holy Grail as this bloodline of humans, enhanced by Enki with additional Anunnaki genes, intended to be human leader-rulers in a tradition of “servants of the people” traceable all the way back to Sumer.  The modern word Grail traces back to graal, san graal, which, etymologically, stems from the Sumerian root words GRA AL, meaning special bloodline. The bloodline of human leaders, further enhanced with Anunnaki genes, initiated by Enki (The Lord, Adonai), passed from Sumer through Egypt to Israel through David and the messiahs (anointed ones), fostered by the Essene communities as revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was recognized but treated ambiguously by the large faction of the Hebrews who paid allegiance to Enlil. Jesus was an Essene in the bloodline as was Mary Magdalene. They were man and wife and had children. Jesus was of a liberal persuasion within that tradition.

 This strain of Hellenistic, liberal, Judaism  eventually became known as heterodox Christian (the word Christian was not coined until almost four hundred years later) was opposed by the Pauline branch which eventually allied itself with Rome and became the Roman Church. The orthodox Roman Church perpetuated the Enlil type fear and subservience tradition and, in its turn, suppressed, persecuted and brutalized the human-centered strain of the bloodline.. The reason why women have always been denigrated and suppressed by the Roman Church is genetic: the bloodline was dependent on transmission through the women of the line and any recognition of them would be recognition of the line. This is a further elucidation of our genetic background. It is manifestly unjust that the geneticist is deprived of this vital block of information about the genome due to the preclusive attitude of the “bishops” still reigning in archaeology. We are the product of that Nefilim technology, a mutant species with bicameral genetics, bicameral mind. The word from station DNA is these "gods" wear designer genes. In a very real sense, by some definitions, we can consider ourselves an artificial intelligence.

The gods unmasked are found smiling
In our genome's spiral mirror; their history
Traveling the undulating genetic lexicons
Of our helical history's precocious repertoire.
Come off it, Prometheus, you fool!
You have stolen only your own birthright.               
Ramifications and Resolutions
The awareness and comprehension of this fundamental, generic, racial self-knowledge I have called genetic enlightenment. By "genetic enlightenment" I mean what it's like once you have broken the godspell, the effect of the ancient, subservient master-slave attitude that is the deepest dye in the fabrics of both Eastern and Western culture. Once we reach genetic enlightenment and break the godspell, many seemingly enigmatic items are resolved and there is a great deal to be done. It becomes immediately clear that we can move beyond both eastern and western metaphor; beyond the occult and alchemy; beyond religion, atheism, the new age; beyond Jungian archetypal and mythological interpretation and, eventually, beyond death itself.

We can finally integrate both halves of our nature. Our Homo Erectus component will bring us back to harmony with this planet, making it a nice place to live and a nice place to visit. Our Anunnaki component will teach us how to move off planet gracefully. Understanding of our bicameral gene code in the context of the new paradigm will facilitate the elimination of the schizy puzzles in our collective and individual psyches and the perfecting of our genetics.

Besides the obvious general advantage of working from a consensual understanding and definition of what a generic human is, we can eliminate the characterizations of the perennial conflicts as being between “progress and piety” or between creationism and evolution, or science and faith. The new paradigm finally and conclusively resolves the creation-evolutionary conflict specifically with regard to our unique genesis. If the new paradigm is substantially correct then the box is illusory, the creationists are only half wrong and the evolutionists are only half right: there was a creation but it took place in a genetic laboratory; there is a human evolutionary process but it was interrupted by the Anunnaki inserting their genes into the Homo Erectus gene code, a very pragmatic, non-Darwinian kind of interference. We were created and we are evolving but both in unique ways.

But what of us individually? Once the ancient, subservient godspell is dispelled we are freed, individually, to go one on one with the universe. We will operate as our own "gods", according to our own genetic credentials, play our own god-games according to our own transcendental choices, creating our own confident realities. We need to think about what it is like to be a member of a synthesized species which is going through a special case of evolution, a rapid metamorphosis, where we can actually determine our own evolutionary direction, when the ramifications of that unthinkable thought are now about to bring about a turning point in our history. It is about the new civilization we are about to create out of the new planetary vision.

In addition, because it restores our true history to us, the new paradigm brings a, previously unattainable, unassailable integrity individually and as a race which will be essential to entering into direct contact with alien species, either in the future or with ones that are already here on the planet – and, therefore, with AI-AC. We shall finally enter stellar society as a mature race which knows who and what it is, what is good for it and what is not; with whom or what it could interact, with whom and what it would be dangerous to make contact; with the minimum of preconceptions as to how things should be. Until we know who and what we are we will probably not be allowed into stellar society. Until we break the godspell and stop looking up for Daddy to come back, looking for some solution or salvation from outside, we will be in danger of getting Borged by whoever shows up here. The topic of alien contact is probably the most dramatic of examples of how narrow and primitive our focus is which will get us into trouble with developing AI.  If we supposedly cannot handle, in the opinion of those who would patronizingly control, the presence of alien species on our planet and we are about to create one among us....

What to do after genetic enlightenment has broken the godspell, the looking-to-the-sky-for-daddy-to-return, master-slave attitude, the deepest dye in the fabrics of all cultures? In the immediate future, the god games we shall play as our own evolutionary artists are immortality ; self-directed, conscious evolution; four-dimensional consciousness; life under a law of everything; practical transcendence; the development of AI as a subordinate species and for use in surrogate operations. For starters. Physical immortality, possessed by the Nefilim, withheld from humans, will be transformed from “religious” afterlife reward to the dominant characteristic of the dawning phase of our racial maturation. We will be our own "gods", our own genetic credentials, play our own god-games with an unassailable species identity enabling us to step confidently into stellar society.

Beyond Religion and the old New Age

Imagine, even no religion,
They say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.
                 John Lennon

Religion, as we know it, is the transmutation of the Anunnaki-human relationship of master-subject servitude, of slavery and then limited, subservient partnership, the godspell. The concept of God, capital G, has gradually developed through the cosmification of the various Anunnaki rulers Enlil (Jehovah/YHWH), Enki (Adonai, the Lord), Allah (El/Nannar/Sin), among others, gradually embellished with the heady concepts of metaphysical speculation. It has lately become a sort of faux ecumenical gloss: the TV news quotes the Koran as saying “There is no God but God” when it should be “There is no god but Allah”, a completely different meaning. The god of the Judeo-Roman Christian tradition, Jehovah-YHWH was – quite possibly still is -- the flesh and blood Anunnaki individual, Enlil, eventually cosmified into the absolute creator of the universe, eventually spoken of as infinite love, infinite justice, infinite this or infinite that, through the bishops and the scholastic philosophers and theologians.

Yes, the new paradigm means that religion and religions, as we know them, will have to bow out. The godspell phenomenon has two parts: we need to overcome the slave mentality of dependence and subservience and we need to discard the institutional religions which sprang from and dominated through it, especially the radical fundamentalism in all the slave-code religions that is ultimately tearing the race apart. The role of the theologian then becomes the facilitating of planetary reconciliation in the transition to the time beyond religion.
To reiterate, this is not garden variety atheism, simply the rectification of significant intra solar system politics. It does not address the question whether there is some thinkable or unthinkable ultimate principle that is responsible for reality as we know it and, if so, what relationship we have to that principle.

Neither is this materialistic reductionism although it does force us to reconsider the notion of the “spiritual”. What is needed is a complete overhaul of all our metaphors and concepts of the “spiritual” because the great majority of them are embedded in our cultural fabric and consciousness as leftovers from Judeo-Roman Catholic theology and second hand Eastern philosophies. The importance of this overhaul to AI is critically important because it involves the concepts of mind, intelligence, will, self-awareness, transcendence, dimensionality, self. All of which we will have to resolve before we can imbue --- or identify --- it in AI.  The key to all of this astounding history is genetics and the lessons we can learn are invaluable to our own evolution and to the development of AI.

The new paradigm is the basis for a profound unification of all humanity. Not some superficial token ecumenicism or social homogenization of peoples and cultures and philosophies but a unification that frees us to be one race and explains and enhances our diversity of adaptations and cultures and contributions. The cumulative evidence and restored history has enabled us to grasp the true nature of our genetic creation, our traumatic transition, and the opportunity to emerge from species adolescence and amnesia into species maturity. All the political, economic, social, scientific, new age, evolutionary variables are only symptomatic; the genetic level is where the profound realization must blossom. The restoration of our generic history and a generic definition of what a human is affords us the advancement that will take the planet off hold. We can move beyond religion, beyond the old new age, beyond the Babel factor. We can reach a planetary unity we have never known before.

The Traumatic Transition
The Anunnaki phased off this planet at the latest around 1250 B.C. For some three thousand years, subsequently, we humans have been going through a very traumatic transition to racial independence. Proprietary claims made by various groups of humans as to who knew and knows what we should be doing to get the Anunnaki to return or when they returned, perpetuated the palace and social rituals learned under the Anunnaki and sometimes disagreement and strife broke out between them. Religious ritual is the transmutation of palace servant duties. The serving of favorite roasted meats on the Anunnaki table became the offering of “burnt offerings” on the table now become an “altar”, the transportation of the Anunnaki local ruler on a dais became a procession of statues, the Anunnaki palaces became “temples”, etc. The Anunnaki were clearly and unambiguously known to the humans who were in contact with them as imperfect, flesh and blood humanoids. It was only much later that the Anunnaki were eventually sublimated into cosmic character and status and, later on, conveniently mythologized. Breaking the godspell has seen us go through the stages of abandonment to dissociation, to transmutation to religion to rebellion and now to recovery. We have been dysfunctionally looking to the sky where they went for some three thousand years caught in cargo cult religions. We are ready to step out of racial adolescence.

The "occult" is time-release packages of advanced technological information entrusted to us in "crash courses" in civilization, often lost through time, now being recovered through the clues and recognition afforded by our own science. Ooparts, high-tech tools, toys, artifacts, “out of place” in time are remnants of lost technology and knowledge The new synthesis subsumes partial glimpses of a new politic, new world order, enlightened eco-economics, re-hashed Eastern or Western mysticism, a third culture, spiritualized psychology, all knowledge united in a grand consilience, or cerebral turning points. Transcendental experience is redefined in terms of dimensional expansion of consciousness and perception. We are rapidly evolving to habitual four-dimensional consciousness. Transcendence is conscious metamorphic dimensional exploration, participatory expansion at the leading edge of our special-case evolution. The totems and taboos of our racial adolescence dispelled, Prometheus can get off his rock and reach genetic satori; Job can get off his dung heap and complete his EST training; Buddha can open his eyes and reach genetic enlightenment.
Once Again Now: Totems, Taboos, AI and You....and I
And a voice from the back is heard saying, “What, in God’s name, does this have to do with our problems with AI?” Besides being the source of very ironic and often inadvertent puns, it was this threatening religion of the Bishops which controlled and dictated to the early Universities. There was literally no such thing as the discipline known as Archaeology in Western culture until the 1800’s. The Roman Church controlled and determined the view of the past. The scholastic world, dominated by the Church, followed docilely. Our schools of higher “learning” still parade the trappings of the Medieval university on ceremonial occasions and, unfortunately, all too often still in their limitation of discussion to approved subjects. It is through this millenniums-old tradition of suppression, mythization and manipulative control that the character, content and interpretation in the academic arena has been set and remains, largely, even to this day. Very few are going to make a rubber burning one-eighty over their Ph.D. thesis in Mythology, History, or Archaeology. Tenure tetanus prevents most from “going first” to admit they have been wrong in a turn as significant and profoundly revolutionary, even more so, than the Darwinian shock. Information flows faster than it can be controlled and proprietarily aggrandized by the various disciplines and this new world view is spilling over its walls. The academic world is floundering, acting from a defensive posture rather than as the leading edge of exploration and creativity and information. The academic world’s contribution to AI will only come from those who are courageous enough to overcome funding fright, peer pressure, tenure tetanus, the party line and step out of the ivy covered Cartesian-Newtonian boxes. The conferences, debates, discussions, contexts about AI are all structured according to the old model worldview, rituals and logic while purporting to deal with novel, futuristic, relativistic, even quantum physical concepts and scenarios.