Zecharia Sitchin Dedication


Dedicated to the October 2010 passing of Zecharia Sitchin
It is fitting that we remember and honor his profound work and recognize it as the foundation
for the new human and new human society that is blooming in the human

population planetary--wise already.  I knew him as a true friend with a wry sense of humor
and a keen mind.  

Zecharia Sitchin,  the "Darwin" of the 21th Century

The Profound Contribution Of Zecharia Sitchin

We are profoundly indebted to the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, for his archaeological synthesis which proves the transcultural gods (Sumerian:Annunaki; Egyptian:Neter;  Hebrew:Anakim, Nefilim, Elohim) the ancient civilizations insisted came here from space, created humans and gave us civilization, were flesh and blood humanoids from the last planet in our solar system (Nibiru, Planet X) who genetically engineered us as slave animals by splicing their genes with Homo Erectus genes and, eventually, accepted us as limited partners. That is the true "natural history of the gods" that Joseph Campbell failed. A half million pieces of archaeological proof is corroborated  by the evidence for Planet X/Nibiru as developed by  NASA,  JPL, the Naval Observatory and various astronomers. Its gravitational pull on Uranus and Neptune flags it in our solar system. The mitochondrial DNA "search for Eve" and anthropology's "out of Africa" data placing our genesis in Central Africa 250,000 years ago, as well as strong evidence from many field of study,  corroborate the ancient records.