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Web sites which I highly recommend for keeping abreast of the current developments in technology and science, the first two of which you can subscribe to free, are:     (John Petersen's think tank where I was  invited  to brief Pentagon officers)   (Ray Kurzweil's site, the ai is for artificial intelligence.  Ray is the author of The Age of Spiritual Machines, highly recommended.)

Recent underwater archaeological discoveries of  cities and constructions

A whole new window on the past is opened  by archaeological finds around the world of underwater cities and ruins that appear to pre-date Sumer by thousands of years. Two links are given here to introduce this topic to the reader as an area of study that is just developing and promises to fill out our knowledge of our past significantly.

Many of the sites,  flooded out at the end of the last ice age,  contain structures of advanced construction which archaeologists note would be beyond the capacity of the humans as they conceive of their capabilities living in those times, perhaps 10,000 to 12,000 years ago ---- although there are historical references to these now underwater areas in both recorded and oral history of the regions in India.  One might expect that Indian scientists would keep to the scientific paradigm,  although it is frustrating,  and so not speculate.  The Indian scientists do freely recognize that there are references to these ancient sites extant in Indian history and are reconsidering the dating of the writing of the history.  By and large, however,  Indian scientists do not seem to give much attention Sitchin's material, perhaps because it is focused more on the Middle East.

Graham Hancock has become focused on these sites and has been diving on them personally to investigate. He has compared the archaeological information and dating gathered by scientists and himself with the recorded and oral histories concerning some of these sites extant in India. But Graham is also familiar with Sitchin's thesis and scholarship and it would be very valuable to compare the new information with the information that Sitchin has published about the Anunnaki. Since the Anunnaki had been here from around 432,000 years ago according to Sitchin, created us some 200,000 years ago, obviously they would have been in a position to build or have humans build cities and centers any place on the planet they chose and would be the most likely candidates for investigation. It may sustain the mystery to simply claim a "lost civilization"  but, as revealed over and over again in the Middle East and the Americas and India on currently dry land,  these may be yet more sites built by or directed to be built by the Anunnaki.   At very least, because of the history already well known to that effect and it's fundamental importance to the restoration of our real history,  it is only reasonable that a serious determination should be made as to a connection to the Anunnaki or not.  Either way,  a significant contribution would be made.  Constructive references, new information,  may be contributed by emailing me directly at [show email address]


Because there is a feedback loop between the recognition of the new paradigm of our half alien beginnings and history and the recognition of the general alien presence around and on our planet, the recent announcement by the Mexican government and its department of defense that they officially  have recognized the UFO phenomenon and alien presence as real and are investigating is significant.  As many of you know, Mexico has been awash in video-documented UFO sightings for about 14 years. Here's the latest development, with photos and radar information from the Mexican Dept. of Defense. The translation is a bit awkward in places, but the story is certainly intriguing.

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"News",  on this site, may seem a bit strange to anyone expecting the latest on politics, religion, the economy, science and  social issues as usually dealt with in the context of the planetary status quo.  The reason for this is that,  set against the context of the new paradigm of our realevolutionary development, the current situation  is just a blip on the evolutionary screen, but, in my perception, a very significant one.

True, the current American administration, and the Republican party have been literally hijacked by the Leo Straussian ideologues of the Project For A New American Century  who make Machiavelli look like Mr. Rogers.  True, they have formed the image of the current President in the likeness of a born-again fundamentalist and have,  thereby,  skillfully captured the support and vote of the dominionists
and the radical fundamental religionists. True, these radical fundamentalists are really theocrats,  desire a government that administers the country according to their interpretation, mostly Old Testament, of their version of the Bible. The  PNAC political fundamentalists desire to run the country not as a democratic republic but by philosopher princes (as they understand themselves) as close to a Mussolini defined corporate fascism as they can achieve.  In the largest perspective both factions are attempting to run the evolutionary video in fast reverse while simultaneously denying that it exists.  Evolution is right on schedule, however, and they will fail. It would be amusing even if not for the fact that yet another generation of our young and thousands upon thousands of persons are killed in  war without end.

To criticize or attack the positions of the PNAC for their
systematic deception of the citizens and use of their children as cannon fodder, or the Dominionists and fundamentalists as not really being Christians because they put harsh Old Testament precepts foremost, is to be distracted by relatively superficial facts and focus.

To critique the Dominionists and fundamentalists because they insist on an interpretation that the world and all in it were created in a literal six days in 4004 B.C. or that they desire war rather than peace because their B-movie version of the Book of Revelations demands Armageddon occur soon, the Jews be converted, the Muslims wiped out, the second Temple of Jerusalem be built so they can get raptured up and their conception of Jesus can come back and rule the world, is still to miss the real point.  

At a factual, historical level, the Bible, taken unquestioned as the source authority of their conviction and interpretation by the fundamentalists and evangelicals, is a composite (old and new testament ) of Jewish scriptures.  But, as Sitchin has pointed out, ( Genesis Revisited, chap. 3) "It is regrettable that both sides [Creationists and Evolutionists] pay little heed to what has been known for more than a century ---- that the creation tales of Genesis are edited and abbreviated versions [in some cases warped and forged, ] of much older detailed Mesopotamian text. " It has also long been recognized by scholars that,  just as the  Assyrians' had substituted their national god's name, Ashur, in the genesis text for the older Sumerians', the Babylonians had substituting their national god's name, Marduk for Ashur's and, subsequently,  the Hebrews substituted their national god's name, Yahweh, in their turn.

The new testament is a composite of books accepted by the Roman Catholic Church some three hundred years after the time of Jesus. Some traditional books were excluded. This was done to meet the agenda and dogma of the Pope and bishops.  As Sir Laurence Gardner has pointed out,  the "infallibility" of the Pope is based on a forged document: so much for the  authority dictating the
"divine" nature of the New Testament Scriptures.  Sir Laurence has also demonstrated conclusively that the heterodox kingship tradition of Christianity is, in actuality, the Holy Grail. This special bloodline of benevolent kings, the first, Cain,  fathered by the Anunnaki scientist, Enki, in Sumerian, by a human woman, the Eve of  Genesis,  coming down, at one point, through Jesus and Mary Magdalene, his wife, and their children was the tradition threatening to the power of the orthodox Roman Church which attempted to wipe it out unmercifully by violence and the Inquisition.  

At the most  fundamental critical level is the demonstrated fact that the source of the original, scientific genesis history was the Anunnaki who taught it to humans and the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition was one of them, a humanoid alien. Another Anunnaki (the word in Sumerian means "those who came down from the heavens") was El (the word for a god, singular, used a a personal name in this case), Nannar Sin, was/is Allah, in arabic, El, the God of the Moslems, if Sitchin is correct.

The religions of the world and the civilizations formed by them will be at odds until our real human history is no longer ignored and suppressed and we can come planetarily together as generic humans. Our contemporary world situation and the constant horrors we do to each other are just the latest poorly masked versions of the theo-political "my god is better than your god" conflicts. It would seem that we are reaching a climactic point, however, due to the intensity of zeal of the fundamentalists' of  both godspell religions,  neo-Christian and Islamic, and the greater and greater denial and suppression that both sides feel compelled to exert to control those who are already ready for planetary generic human society beyond religious, civilzational separatism.  Yes, all persons and groups should be allowed freedom of belief.  But, if those beliefs engender or compel those who hold them to damage or destroy individuals or their freedom who do not believe as they do they should be prevented or arrested. If those beliefs incite individuals or groups to  damage or destroy or attempt to replace the society or institutions that guarantee and protect their freedom of belief in the first place, then they should be curtailed in their actions.

It may well be that the self-fulfilling nature of the drive to Armageddon and the end times, on the part of the Dominionists and fundamentalists, will trigger a crisis that,  by its threatening militancy and inevitable failure will reduce it to the status of the flat earth dogma in the eyes of the entire world and open consideration of a truly new world of planetary unity.

It is insufficient, however, to simply put current events into perspective against the context of the new paradigm.  At this point in time, although we are afforded an understanding of our real beginnings, our true history and, from that knowledge and genetic enlightenment,  hope and a view of our future trajectory, the vision can  be no less than that of a stellar society.  We need to move quickly and confidently beyond civilization, as we have known it, to a focus as a species ready to take its place among the stars.